[PD] ANN: pd-l2ork 20120226 snapshot now available

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Mon Feb 27 03:53:00 CET 2012

> Any chance of these fixes being submitted upstream?  These two in
> particular seem useful and probably easily applicable:

Not really. Please see below:

> > *image and other non-vanilla objects do not translate with the GOP

This is because pd-l2ork moves GOP objects by tag (as of sometime in January), including arrays and scalars, which makes moving them vastly faster. This change is gargantuan and requires widgetbehavior to be expanded by one additional call. This latest addition simply makes sure that the system falls back on the old erase/redraw whenever gop is moved in case one of its displayed objects does not support the added widgetbehavior (this was the case with non-gop objects but now gop is supporting the same fallback method as well and thus ensuring that all properly working legacy objects are supported). So, no, porting this upstream means a lot more changes than just this. It also does not affect upstream since it does not support moving gop objects by tag.

> > *ggee objects button and image updated

Ditto for this one as it also includes aspects that incorporate the aforesaid widgetbehavior.

Long story short, the fundamental question is whether the core pd devs are conducive to the idea of overhauling g_canvas.h and breaking binary compatibility which is the only way you'll get these kinds of changes in without rewriting a lot more than what has gone into this (which is already a pretty decent chunk).

Best wishes,


> .hc
> On Feb 26, 2012, at 8:52 PM, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> > This release includes following fixes:
> >
> > *MyCanvas does not become invisible if it is partially visible in GOP
> mode
> > *copy-paste from console does not work with the ctrl+c shortcut
> > *Proper focusing out of the selection (where typing into .printout
> console makes problems for textedfor objects)
> > *Resizing window when text is hidden still prevents resizing below the
> text size
> > *GOP resize hooks should be visible only if no object is selected
> > *when re-saving prototype abstraction it disappears on the parent
> canvas
> > *disis_wiimote does not re-detect motion plus every time when re-
> connecting and re-enabling the extension (partially fixed (needs update
> to libCwiid, will be updated soon)--for the time being, easiest thing is to
> enable extension twice; NB: this will not be necessary once the libCwiid is
> updated)
> > *image and other non-vanilla objects do not translate with the GOP
> > *ggee objects button and image updated, gcanvas disabled as it has
> too many bugs to be worth fixing (IMO)
> > *implemented gop legacy redraw
> > *selection as part of the infinite undo (for those tricky selections that
> take a while to do and can be messed up with a single mis-click) NB:
> ctrl+a is currently ignored, mainly because it is easy to do but will be likely
> addressed in the next release
> >
> > L2Ork now also supports builds for both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems
> and can be downloaded from the usual place:
> >
> > http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/main/?page_id=56
> >
> > Bug reports are in high demand, so get busy and let me know of any
> potential hiccups.
> >
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