[PD] ANN: pd-l2ork v.20120304 and new disis_wiimote external now available

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Mon Mar 5 18:07:43 CET 2012

The new release includes following fixes:

*tooltips (partially based on Jonathan Wilkes's implementation) that appear in form of speech bubbles next to the object they relate to. Reliable detection of objects. Also works with gop objects.
*major overhaul of the font resizing dialog/logic--font resizing made simple (everything scales proportionately except for gui objects whose properties obey user-set settings)
*font-based zoom using ctrl+mousewheel
*font resizing integrated in the infinite undo
*hslider/vslider instead of possibly corrupting data due to its values tied to the drawing logic output unaltered data where possible (e.g. float values that fall within the range of the slider)
*minor cosmetic improvements to hslider/vslider
*several minor bug-fixes
*hslider and vslider redraw their slider properly when resized
*Minor build/documentation improvements
*Removed selection as part of the undo queue as it vastly limits ability to use infinite undo's potential

L2Ork supports builds for both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems 
and can be downloaded from the usual place:


On a related note, disis_wiimote has been bumped to version 0.8.0. It now supports automatic detection of all extensions including motionplus. New l2ork version of libcwiid required (also available on the same page). Coming up in the next release (hopefully!) soon, support for pass-through mode (e.g. motionplus + nunchuk).

As usual, bug reports are in high demand, so get busy and let me know of any potential hiccups.

Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A
Composition, Music Technology
Director, DISIS Interactive Sound&  Intermedia Studio
Director, L2Ork Linux Laptop Orchestra
Assistant Director, CCTAD
Virginia Tech
Department of Music
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0240
(540) 231-6139
(540) 231-5034 (fax)

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