[PD] Am I in time to propose the Xth Sense lib to be included in Pd-ext?

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Fri Mar 9 20:04:38 CET 2012

> Looks like lots of progress, that's good to see.  :-)

> A link to master in git is not a release.  That is a moving target, it
> will always download the latest code from from git.  A release has a
> version and a static download, and has been thoroughly tested.  Think of
> any software you use: pd-extended, firefox, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, any of those
> many many libs included in your system, etc.
> Yes, I know. I set up a tag in my local git, but can't figure out how to
update github, so to have the link you mentioned earlier.

> Either remove that dependency, or work to get that dependency into
> Pd-extended.

Yep, banal question :)

> Basically, make your library based off of the Library Template, and the
> rest is easy.  If its only Pd patches, then you just need to list the names
> of all your objects in PDOBJECTS = , then run "make install" and "make
> dist" to test it.  Check out other libs for examples, like mapping,
> list-abs, etc.

Ok, thanks, will do.

> Inclusion in 0.43.1 is not possible, but all of this work is not in vain.
>  It will make it much easier for people to download and install your
> library, regardless of whether its included in Pd-extended or not.  And it
> will also lead to inclusion in 0.44.

Ok, there's no problem. It is my concern to make the library as accessible
as possible.


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