[PD] trying to track down a bug: Pd-extended 0.43-1 beta on Oneric 32 bit

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Mon Apr 2 16:53:36 CEST 2012

On Apr 2, 2012, at 3:32 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

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> On 2012-03-29 19:03, John Harrison wrote:
>> I've been trying to track down a seg fault I keep getting and I'm still
>> not sure if the problem is Gem or Pd-extended or what.
>> This is the latest pd-extended 0.43.1 Beta CVS March 29 (today) running
>> on Oneric 32 but. I have simplified my patch to a point it doesn't make
>> sense anymore but I can still make it crash, so I figure that's what we
>> need.
>> Basically if you create a new patch then make the object [test99 1],
>> then copy and paste that object, then change the 1 parameter to a 2 you
>> get a seg fault most of the time. If not, creating a [test99 3] or
>> [test99 4] should do it, again most of the time.
>> It seems related with Gem but I'm not sure if it is a Gem bug. I tried
>> the same Gem library with Pd vanilla and it didn't crash. On the other
>> hand, it seems related to the [pix_image] object in test99. Also you
>> need to have the parameters to get the patch to crash, even though the
>> patch doesn't take parameters. (The original patch did take parameters.)
>> Core dump has only this information: Program terminated with signal 11,
>> Segmentation fault.
>> #0  0x0111ac01 in gem::RTE::Outlet::send(std::string,
>> std::vector<gem::any, std::allocator<gem::any> >) () from
>> /usr/lib/pd-extended/extra/Gem/Gem.pd_linux
> if i'm not mistaken this has been recently fixed in Gem (around 21st of
> march) and is related to threaded loading of images and deleting objects
> while the load is still in process.
> to avoid the problem you can do either of those:
> - - upgrade to a new version of gem (there's a backport of the fix to the
> (stable) 0.93 branch of Gem, though no official release has been made
> yet, containing the fix)
> - - avoid using threaded loading of images, e.g by sending the [thread 0(
> message to [pix_image] before loading images.
> - - avoid deleting a [pix_image] that has pending "open" requests

I just committed the latest patches from the 0.93 Gem branch to the Pd-extended 0.43 release branch.  They'll be in tomorrow's build.  John, could you test this and report back if there are any problems?



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