[PD] [PD-announce] new GUI obect: filterview, for generating and seeing biquad coefficients

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Thu Apr 5 08:47:36 CEST 2012

Hey Hans
thanks for this one! I was using it in max ten years ago, I am happy  
to be able to use it again in PD, nice shot!
I am testing it now, I tell you if I see something wrong, so far, it's  
all good.



> Announcing [filterview], a new GUI object for generating and  
> visualizing biquad coefficients.  It allows to you manipulate the  
> filter band, frequency, and gain using your mouse.  The magnatude  
> and phase are then graphed in realtime as the parameters changed,  
> and the list of biquad coefficients are output. It is inspired by  
> the [filtergraph~] object in Max/MSP.  Thanks to Mike Moser-Booth  
> for doing all of the math behind the scenes.
> It requires Pd-extended 0.43 to run. I just got to a beta state, it  
> works well for me, but it does crash Pd sometimes when you close a  
> patch with [filterview] in it.  Try it out and let me know how it  
> works for you.
> http://puredata.info/downloads/filterview
> Also, as a side note, this object is an experiment with a new way of  
> writing GUI objects.  It started out as a pure Tcl program, and the  
> GUI part still runs as a standalone Tcl program (try running  
> ./filterview.tcl from the Terminal).  This makes development and  
> debugging vastly easier.  Additionally, I tried to move more of the  
> GUI code to the Tcl side, so you'll see that it uses fewer  
> widgetbehaviors, and uses Tk's bind feature quite a bit.
> .hc

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