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the form to send the work is online at

note that we are in brazilian standard time, and that the system might be
up for another 12 hours or even more, I dont believe it's programmed to
shut down at any specific time, so you might be able to throw in a bit of a
late submission.

it's only a maximum of 7000 characters, go for it


the call text:

*IV Seminar Music Science Technology: Frontiers and Ruptures*

Continuing the earlier editions (2004, 2006 and 2008) this IV Seminar aims
to expand the space for discussion in the interdisciplinary area of studies
that in Brazil has been called Sonology. The term encompasses disciplines
that gravitate around music and other creative practices that have the
sound as a central element. Thus, sonology does not define an aesthetic,
much less a repertoire, but an approach in which aesthetic, technical and
sociocultural aspects converge. While technology is a recurrent feature of
research in sonology, it does not constitute neither a center nor the
foundation of the area.

For this IV Seminar we chose the theme *Frontiers and Ruptures* to
stimulate reflection and debate about the consequences and ramifications of
experimental musical practices that have developed and consolidated in
recent decades: from electroacoustic music to circuit-bending; from the
manifestations of sound art to the music made by (and on) the Internet.
Such practices suggest an extension of the methods of music creation and
spaces for broadcasting and musical enjoyment. Also change the social
relations of music, breaking the boundaries between composing, playing and
listening. These changes, as fast as ephemeral, consist of a fertile field
of research and debate.

The initiative for this IV Seminar comes from the exciting work done in the
last three years by the group MOBILE, a research group based in the Music
Department at the University of Sao Paulo. This multidisciplinary group has
been specifically dedicated to research of current musical practices from
the perspective of Sonology and the collaboration of its participants has
been fundamental in this event.

Em 9 de abril de 2012 17:10, Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>escreveu:

> This is such a late notice that I'm even embarassed to announce it, but we
> have a nice sonology event in brazil that ends today.
> http://www.eca.usp.br/mobile/smct2012/index_en.htm
> if you have something under your sleeve, you can slip it in, they need an
> extended abstract, so there's a chance to pull it off.
> sorry again
> cheers
> Alex
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