[PD] how to debug tcpsocketserver?

rolf rolfm at dds.nl
Sat Apr 14 15:28:03 CEST 2012

hello roman,

> May I ask what is your reasoningu behind your use of [tcpsocketserver]
> over [tcpserver]?
it's my first try at using network objects inside Pd.
the communication is between Pd patches, doable with FUDI.
(it took me some time to find out that FUDI is not some mysterious
protocol but about Pd messages).

because i have a number of clients [tcpsocketserver] seemed the right
choice, for the reasons you mention yourself.

> It's not possible to handle packet oriented protocols correctly with
> plain [tcpserver], since you might receive packets from different
> clients interleaved. That is why [tcpsocketserver] was written.

actually, i'm slowly developing the Pd-clients and how to 'conduct' 10
or more live, so for the moment sticking to a one-sided server-broadcast
communication, which can do with [tcpserver].

my problem with tcpsocketserver which started this thread is therefore
momentarily in the waiting room.

trying out the iemnet server like suggested by martin: iemnet is not in
it has to be compiled and i'm on Windows, Pd ext 42.5, Pentium III,
which means it's not within my reach now.


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