[PD] GEM camera angle-of-view >180deg

Marian Weger mail at marianweger.com
Sat Apr 14 18:47:03 CEST 2012

ok, i now can give some answers myself:

> Is it somehow possible to get a 360 degree angle-of-view with the GEM 
> camera inside a framebuffer?
> I just noticed, that the camera clips at 180deg (using the "perspec" 
> message).
> That means, outside 180deg nothing but the background color is rendered.

The camera in GEM is an "ideal" camera, which has no angle, but only a size.
So it is technically not possible to get more than 180 degrees.

> I then tried to build a virtual multi-camera system using two 
> framebuffers with 180deg camera angle each.
> But apparently the camera direction inside the framebuffer is fixed 
> and can not be set. Or can it somehow?

The same result can be achieved by rotating the content.

So, my new multi-camera approach is as follows:
I connect my content to three framebuffers (At the second one, 
everything gets rotated by 120deg, and at the third one by 220 deg). 
Then I stitch these three parts together to one continuous video using 
Extended View Toolkit.

My new question:
Isn't there some easy way to do the same thing?

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