[PD] GEM camera angle-of-view >180deg

Marian Weger mail at marianweger.com
Sat Apr 14 20:44:27 CEST 2012

Thanks, Claude!

The stitching process is really not the problem, as all this is already 
implemented in Extended View Toolkit [1].
My problem is more the computational effort, that is multiplied by 3 
when using 3 virtual cameras.
Plus the stitching part.

Perhaps I need to explain more what I want to do:
I have a very complex 3d scenery inside GEM. Now I want to view this 
scenery from the center and then project the image onto an immersive 
panoramic video screen. The screen is not a full dome, but more a 
cylinder surrounding the visitor. So the virtual camera inside GEM 
ideally also covers a cylindrical area.

[1] http://extendedview.mur.at

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