[PD] MotorMix to PD

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Wed Apr 18 09:50:32 CEST 2012

Rishabh Natarajan wrote:
> I am not able to make head or tail of the values that are showing up.
> Whether I move a fader up or down seems to just jolt the left most
> output and once the motion is stopped it comes back to the same value.
> I guess that only detects the motion of the fader. When I connect it
> to a Vslider object, the slider moves sometimes and sometimes it
> doesn't. The middle outlet seems to have the  number 47 on and when
> you move a slider, it shows the value for that particular slider, but
> comes back to 47 when you stop.

I had this last week on Archlinux/pdx0.43 with a BCR2000 (with USB
broken) and a $5 midi to usb converter.

It happend when I plugged a video grabber. Not sure it's related. I
changed the audio latency, clicked on the midi settings to refresh them
and it got better. It sounds like a bug.

Good luck with that ;).

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