[PD] Using android phone to control virtual mixer

Rishabh Natarajan rishabh.natarajan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 06:36:51 CEST 2012

Hi guys,

I'm sure some of you must've read my email about trying to use a motormix
mixer to control my virtual mixer in pd. Sadly, the motormix I have seems
to be sending incorrect messages to the computer (probably some loose
connections since it's a little old) and seeing that I need some form of
motorized faders, I thought perhaps I could use my android phone to control
the mixer. I want to do it via USB and I've looked at some software like
TouchOSC and Control. Both seem to be sending and receiving OSC and MIDI
via wifi only. Even then, after following their instructions, I was not
able to detect any input on a software like OSCulator that I was sending
from my Droidx phone. And most websites seem to show only how to do it with
Windows and not with mac which is somewhat strange.

Would anybody out there know how one can go about using an android phone to
control a mixer in pd (hopefully with USB)? Any help with TouchOSC or
Control with a mac osx also would be awesome.

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