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Wed Apr 18 09:33:21 CEST 2012

If you are around Nantes/France this evening, come to see this  
installation with 30 keyboards connected to Apodio-puredata making  
noise. Quite extreme, it is interesting to see how PD react to that,  
all the keyboards are connected together to the ps2 keyb port, the  
audience put some random keys back on the keyboard and trigger some  
sound. Of course the combination of PD and the 30 hacked beyboard  
creates amazing entropic reaction.

It will be fun!

SHU LEA CHEANG (Taiwan/Paris)


 From 18th of April to 8th of May 2012

-Exhibition - Plateforme intermedia

Opening Wednesday the 18th at 6pm - Plateforme intermédia - La Fabrique

Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm


The Locker Baby project recalls Ryu Murakami's noted novel Coin Locker Babies
(1980) in which twin boys were abandoned at birth in one square foot  
coin locker metal box at Tokyo’s subway station. The boys grew up  
haunted with the sound of human heart beats, those of their birth  
mother’s. Coin lockers are Japan's train station landmark and much  
utilized by shoppers and travelers. In post-war japan, unwanted babies  
(often interracial) by unwed mothers were dropped off in coin-lockers.  
Fear of terrorists' explosive deposit, coin lockers have ceased to  
exist at public space in most metropolitan cities. In 1995, when Tokyo  
Doomsday was called for by cult Aum Shinrikyo, the coin lockers were  
sealed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force for a day. The  
historical association and references derived from coin lockers  
inspire the Locker Baby project.

The Locker Baby project proposes a fictional scenario set in year 2030. The
transnational DPT (DollyPolly Transgency) advances clone babies as an  
industry. Genes extracted from deep sea pearls harvested off Okinawa  
Island are identified as best breed. Coin lockers situated in busy  
Tokyo train stations are located for underworld test tube  
fertilization. Ticking seconds to oblivion in darkness, the lockers  
announce the birth of the Clone Generation. Serving themselves in the  
intelligent industry, the locker babies are entrusted to negotiate  
human "memory" and "emotions". The Locker Baby holds the key to
unlock the networked inter-sphere of ME-motion (Memory-Emotion), a  
playfield of sonic imagery triggered only by human interaction.


Shu Lea Cheang (born in Taiwan in 1954) is a multi-media artist who  
works in the fields of net-based installation,social interface and  
film production.

Over the past decade, she has emerged as a prominent figure in new  
media art. Cheang is one of the leading multimedia artists dealing  
with multidisciplinary studies. Her work is unique in allowing viewer  
interaction. She is most noted for her individual approach in the  
realm of art and technology, creatively intermingling social issues  
with artistic methods.[1]

Cheang's art ranges in mediums such as film, video, net-based  
installation, and interface, which explore "...ethnic stereotyping,  
the nature and excesses of popular media, institutional - and  
especially governmental - power, race relations, and sexual politics."  
("Shu Lea Cheang") Most recently, she has moved to 35mm feature  

She has been a member of the Paper Tiger Television collective since  
1981. Though originally based in New York, Cheang is currently living  
and working in Paris, France.

En Collaboration avec Inspace (GB) et Zero1 festival (USA)


"the world is noise"


tel: 00336 11363768

space of research and experimentation
info at apo33.org

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