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On 2012-04-23 05:39, Rishabh Natarajan wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm building a 2 way system consisting of 2 way send and receive
> patches. One patch will send 8 vslider values to the other patch via OSC
> and udpsend, while the other patch receives these values, and on
> adjusting sliders here, can send back changed slider values once again
> through udpsend and OSC.
> I'm getting an error saying "Packet size (5) is not a multiple of 4
> bytes: dropping packet."
> I understand that an OSC packet has to be 4 bytes long. So how do I do this?

OSC packets have to have a size that are a multiple of 4 (filling up
with zeros if necessary), so instead of 5 bytes it should be 8 bytes.

[packOSC] will always generate correctly sized packets (at least it does
for me).
for whatever reasons you are loosing some bytes somewhere, try to find
out where - could be a wrong usage of [udpsend], something on the
network transport (statefull firewall, but unlikely), something you do
after [udpreceive] before the [unpackOSC]...it's a bit hard to tell what
is going wrong without a (stripped down) patch

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