[PD] Retrieving data directly into PD from HC-SR04 sensors connected to Arduino

Emin Durak e10durak at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 00:32:18 CEST 2012


I'm sorry this email will be probably too amateur but I just couldn't
figure out for days how to retrieve data into PD from the sensors I connect
to Arduino (HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors). I have no problem viewing them on
Serial Monitor of Arduino software by some libraries I found online, though
processing them at PD seems a bit tricky. I have tried SimpleMessageSystem,
Firmata and Pduino but couldn't really have managed in neither of them.

All I want to do is changing different parameters (frequency, loop-time,
volume etc.) of playing sounds from an existing library (just a folder with
songs/sounds), thus play them *accordingly *to the data I gather from
sensors (10 of them). Plus making relevant changes throughout *time*. Idea
is that people dancing on a dance floor can affect the sequence of
electronic music played, in a collective and sensual way. Me being only a
starter at PD, also, doesn't help much either; but gotta do it for my
graduation. Technically I can't really "create" music like that in this
short time and it's not my interest; BUT I feel like *modifying* existing
music shouldn't be a big deal. No?

Any suggestions? Highly appreciated! Thank you all!!
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