[PD] how to debug tcpsocketserver?

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Tue Apr 24 14:33:03 CEST 2012

1. closing this somewhat unnecessary thread:
tcp(socket)server seemingly ignoring some tcpclient appears to be a

tcpclient_send_byte: could not send data

tcpclient gives this console message only once,
in my case it got drowned in all the prints i did (for debugging (sic)).
due to in-experience with the net objects the patch did not pay  
attention to a possible 'blocked' message of tcpclient.

2. tcpserver establishes 2 connections/sockets for the same tcpclient
when the tcpserver starts after the tcpclient is already in the air.

Pd-console of server:

tcpserver listening on port 3000
tcpserver: accepted connection from on socket 1188
tcpserver: accepted connection from on socket 1156

Pd-console of client:

:: disconnect 52 16
tcpclient: not connected
tcpclient: connecting socket 988 to port 3000
:: up 52 19
:: up 52 20

the :: lines are [print]s i make with time in min & secs; the ::up  
lines are triggered by the 3rd outlet of the tcpclient which signals  
about connected or not.

in my case it's not causing problems, but it's confusing and also a  
bit strange because tcpserver is supposed to check whether a  
connection is already in play, like it does when given a second  
[connect ..( message.

3. with pd.com chasing ghosts?
also because the client patch sometimes crashes for unclear reasons, i  
started using the command line
"pd.com -stderr -open tcpclient-patch".
it caused me quite some headaches.

first it gave an disturbing error message:

tcpclient: not connected
tcpclient: connecting socket 600 to port 3000
tcpclient: connecting stream socket: Unknown error (10060)

secondly ALL the clients got blocked very quickly:

tcpclient: send: No error (0)
tcpclient_send_byte: could not send data

it led me to an unproductive query for information about these  
appearances, until the lucky idea to use pd.exe instead.
then i was back at the situation with only once in a while a send blocked.

is this to be expected using pd.com?
or is it specific for tcpclient?


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