[PD] [OT] amusement in Budapest (was: AES Budapest)

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>2012/4/24 Joson Android <joson.android at googlemail.com>:
>> Hallo András
>> thank you for you fast answers and hints.
>> For clubs I would prefer some experimental music or art performance -stuff (like Pd..), or traditional hungarian music.
>> For pubs i would prefer cheap beer and/or traditional hungarian food. First I look for a nice place to watch the soccer match BayernMünchen vs RealMadrid for my travel group..
>> thanks again,
>> Jonas
>Well, it is a bit unfortunate moment because a rather big and
>interesting festival will be held this weekend but not exactly in
>Budapest (but Komárom):
>http://www.facebook.com/events/311146218954781/ they'll have folk
>music and jazz and cinema and everything one might need.
>My choice for tomorrow night:
>http://www.facebook.com/events/260908464006182/ not really folk though
>Quite serious Industrial festival this weekend:
>Then Trafó is a place famous for excellent contemporary dance:
>Sorry, no performances or experimental stuff that I know of. No folk
>music either.
>Avoid cheap beer, they are often bad. Local food is all around, and
>rarely bad. Try pörkölt,



[$1 pörkölt(
[list split 1]

[sel pacal]
[print Warning]

Hee hee


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