[PD] Simulation of Motorized Faders with pd and touchOSC for android

Rishabh Natarajan rishabh.natarajan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 06:47:00 CEST 2012

Hi folks,

The responses to all my queries so far have been extremely fast and I
really owe the people on this list a lot! I hope someone gets back to me on
this as fast!

I am working on a virtual mixer and have managed to control it wirelessly
through TouchOSC for android.

What I'm trying to do now, is control a set of 16 faders (vsliders) using
only 8 faders on the TouchOSC mixer layout. Essentially, I need to switch
between banks of 8 faders on the screen and control them using the same 8
faders on the layout on my phone.

For test purposes, I created a simple patch where I used a toggle object to
help rout one vslider's (vsl1) movement to either of 2 other vsliders (vsl2
and vsl3). Basically, if the toggle is off, then the vsl1 sends to vsl2, if
toggle is on vsl1 sends to vsl3. Now using this same toggle (since I'm
going to use the same button on my layout on the phone to control the
toggle) I need to rout these two vsl's values back to the vsl1. This causes
an endless loop, because each is feeding the other.

This functionality of sending back to vsl1 from vsl2 or vsl3 is essential
since that is how motorized faders work. If you switch between banks of
faders, then the motorized faders have to rearrange themselves to the
levels of the faders you've currently switched to.

How can I simulate this first of all, using just these vsliders? Secondly
how would I accomplish the same thing using ctlout? I guess the solution to
the first one would lead to the solution to the second one.


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