[PD] GEM: record split screen (with multiple rectangles)?

Marian Weger mail at marianweger.com
Sat Jun 2 15:30:12 CEST 2012


when you render your videos onto a rectangle, the are not in the pix 
domain anymore, but reside on the graphics card now.

pix_snap fetches the current framebuffer from the graphics card back 
into the pix_domain.
you can use multiples of pix_snap to fetch different portions of the 
framebuffer (in your case: the gemwin content).
then use pix_record to write them on the hdd.

make sure, that pix_snap is the last thing in your render cycle (i.e. by 
giving it the highest gemhead number).
(beware: gemhead always initialises with "50" if not specified).


Am 02.06.12 14:31, schrieb Olivier Baudu:
> Hi,
> Maybe you can try [pix_snap2tex]...
> For your information, even if it's not the answer to your question 
> about [pix_record], to record my GEM screen, I use ffmpeg (on Ubuntu) :
> For example: ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -s 400x300 -i :0.0+1,52 -vcodec 
> mjpeg YourFile.avi
> Cheers...
> 01ivier
> Le 02.06.2012 12:39, Mirko Maier a écrit :
>> hi list,
>> i would like to record (with "pix_record") a split screen combination
>> of several videos. the problem: to gather several videos on one
>> screen, I have to make all of them smaller (with "rectangle"), so i
>> have multiple rectangles. but with "pix_record", you can only record
>> one single rectangle. is there a solution..? thanks for help.
>> best
>> mirko

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