[PD] pdp_glx cannot open display

Declan Doherty-Ramsay declandr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 15:15:02 CEST 2012

Hey List,

I¹m just starting out on PDP and PiDiP on a Mac OSX Snow Leopard, I¹m
getting an error whenever I try to use pdp_glx and display some video. In
the Pd window I get this message repeatedly:

pdp_glx: autocreate window
pdp_xdisplay_new: can't open display :0
pdp_glx: cant open display :0

A blank X11 terminal opens, and the audio plays ­ but no video.
Using a fresh install of Pd-extended 0.42.5 and the latest version of X11.
Any ideas how to fix this behaviour? Thanks
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