[PD] iemguts on windows 2

Tebjan Halm - VVVV tebjan at vvvv.org
Mon Jun 4 20:25:05 CEST 2012

now i got a bit further and the build file seems to work somehow, after 
i removed some compiler flags which mingw did not know.
but then i geh the error:

gcc   -s -shared -Wl,--enable-auto-import -L"/c/Program Files 
(x86)/pd/src" -L"/c/Program Files (x86)/pd/bin" -L"/c/Program Files 
(x86)/pd/obj" -o canvasconnect
ions.dll src/canvasconnections.o    -lpd -lwsock32 -lkernel32 -luser32 
src/canvasconnections.o:canvasconnections.c:(.text+0x198): undefined 
reference to `glist_getindex'
collect2: ld gab 1 als Ende-Status zurück
make: *** [canvasconnections.dll] Error 1

then i looked into the .c file and found a definition for the method:

int glist_getindex(t_glist *x, t_gobj *y);

but no body of it. does anyone know where it is and why the compiler 
can't find the reference?


Am 23.05.2012 21:06, schrieb Tebjan Halm - VVVV:
> hi all,
> there was an earlier discussion about compiling iemguts on windows, but
> it looks quite outdated. none of the provided solution was working for me.
> where can i find som sort of instructions on how to compile the external
> with mingw?
> thanks!
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