[PD] readanysf~.pd doesn´t create anymore...

ZÉ Oliveira zeoliva at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 21:25:53 CEST 2012

Hi i´m having trouble with my readanysf~.pd that used to work, but now PD
cant create it...

i get the folowing message wich i dont get: (there is a GStreamer
reference in this message, i aded GStreamer to Processing.org Library
recently, but what does it have to do with readanysf~???)

/Users/Zeoliva/Desktop/Tudo/MAX Processing e
dlopen(/Users/Zeoliva/Desktop/Tudo/MAX Processing e
Arduino/PD/Library/readanysf~/readanysf~.pd_darwin, 10): Symbol not found:
  Referenced from: /Library/Pd/readanysf~/libavcodec.51.dylib
  Expected in: /Library/GStreamer/lib/libfaad.0.dylib

 readanysf~ 4 32 256
... couldn't create

any ideas???
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