[PD] "oops: ALSA cards not reported in order?"

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 00:25:30 CEST 2012

please always reply to the list.

Yes, of course. Apologies

 you can't (unless you are willing to dig into the pd-sources)

Rather not atm

> just to make sure: "puredata-core" is also 0.43.2-3, innit?

Yip yip

which means that you are not using the pd that debian provides for you,
> but some other installation, which you compiled yourself.

Was a clean install but I've spent a couple of solid days attempting to get
Pd'ing so had various versions and some offcuts and shrapnel knocking
around.  Combed through and hope clean again.

> in order to run the debian-provided Pd (which i did test quite a lot),
> please run
> $ /usr/bin/puredata
> aka
> $ puredata
> or
> $ /usr/bin/pd

aptitude install puredata
So now aptitude gets as far as 'Setting up puredata (0.43.2-3)'.  Then
nothing from any of the 3 options above...

julian at jb-laptop:~/Desktop$ /usr/bin/puredata
bash: /usr/bin/puredata: No such file or directory


It is there tho':

whereis puredata
puredata: /usr/lib/puredata /user/share/puredata

whereis pd
pd: /usr/include/pd

Can't run Pd so the rest is currently superfluous.

Urgh - feels like user-error somewhere along the line.  Reinstalling the
whole thing seems a bit sledgehammer/nut-like but this is getting tedious.

Will report back.

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