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Roch Jub rochjub at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 15:54:52 CEST 2012

Hey !

So I send a mail some time ago to the list and got no answer, so I guess it
was not really clear.

I come now with a more simple version of my problem.

I have two cubes,

cube A
translationXYZ 0 0 0
rotationXYZ 0 0 0

and cube B
translationXYZ 12 5 6
rotationXYZ 0 0 0

now I want to calculate with only thoses informations, the rotations in X Y
and Z for cube A to look at cube B. (numbers are irrelevent, I want to make
the algorythme)

I have tryed many things, with trigonometry, learned about Gimbal lock,
read everything I could about euler angles, etc ... result is it's not
working right.

I attached an exemple patch. The math inside are based on the help I got on
a math forum. It quite look like the thing I was trying to do but it
doesn"t work better :)

Anybody ? Any idea?


PS : I try to do that to calculate joint orientations of kinect skeleton.
and even though there might be other solutions(wich I be glad to know
about), now it's a personal affair, I WANT TO DO IT !!! 2 WEEKS I'VE BEEN
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