[PD] Tipps and patches for Sound Installation

Birthe birtheziegler at yahoo.de
Tue Jul 3 21:52:03 CEST 2012

Dear List,

on thursday, 12th july, we want to present a sound installation in 
Hamburg. I am looking for tipps to work with Pure Data.

The installation will look like this:
There will be a flexible wooden surface, ca. 1 square meter. Under that 
surface there will be some plastic bottles. Making a step on the surface 
the bottles will crack. The signals will be received by two microphones.

We want to use Pure Data for making the signals sound like breaking ice. 
It should simulate the situation going on a frozen lake and suddenly you 
can hear a big break.

We have two loudspeakers and a big subwoofer. Maybe it would be nice to 
use a pitch shifter and a time stretch to get this effect. Does anybody 
have some patches like this? My knowledge about Pure Data is not as big, 
so it would be really nice to get some more ideas from you. Maybe you 
have some more ideas, which effects and filters we could use? Would be 
nice to hear from you. Thank you!

All the best,

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