[PD] running Pd with a timer for an installation?

Olivier Baudu olivier at labomedia.net
Mon Jul 9 11:00:35 CEST 2012


Two useless patches which could help you :

To kill all instances (I don't use Win but maybe it work with [popen] 
instead of [shell]):

To kill one instance :

With [time] and [date] you should reach your goal.



Le 09.07.2012 08:43, Richie Cyngler a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I'm planning on using Pd for an installation in Melbourne in a couple
> of weeks. It's running fine, Pduino working, sensors working. I'm 
> just
> wondering is there is a object (or series) of objects I can use to
> "power down" the patch, or even kill Pd, at a designated time. The
> installation will run into the night for a week, I'll be there to
> start it up each night but not to shut it down. I'm probably running
> on OSX, windows may be an option. A sleep or shutdown timer for the 
> OS
> would be very useful too, seems odd these are not standard.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks a lot

Une petite envie de pixel ?

Une petite envie de pixel ?

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