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Thu Jul 12 19:20:16 CEST 2012

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to emulate an analogue video synthesizer using GEM. My starting
point is the LZX system, an old school analogue video synth which has been
rebuilt today using modern circuitry components. Obviously that wonderful
tool is way too expansive for me so I thought I could build something
similar using Pd.

My first goal is to succesfully emulate the Video Waveform Generator:

Here is a detailed description:

I've tried to use [pix_sig2pix~], it works quite nicely and the patterns I
get are almost identical to the ones in the video (including all the fm and
pwm stuff). The problems are in the second part of the video, when they use
high frequencies (~ 3mhz) to generate vertical bands. I'm pretty sure I
can't use the same approach with Pd.

The other option would be to use GLSL shaders, but it has two major
drawbacks: first, it won't be using raw signal but control messages (no
sound generation); second, it won't be patchable, once the parameters are
converted into an image all the informations about frequencies are lost and
I won't be able to use it to modulate another shader.

I'd like to know from somebody who has much more experience than me what
would be the best approach. Are there any limitations or constraints within
the [pix_sig2pix~] object or Pd itself that I should be aware of? Any
advice will be extremely appreciated.
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