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Some relevant new academic positions for comp music and DSPers 





Music research at Aalborg University, with support from the Obel Family
Foundation, is seeking to fill three, two-year postdoctoral positions and
two or three, three-year PhD positions.  We are a small, but rapidly
expanding, research group active in the following areas of relevance to
these positions:  generative music, music/sound design and production,
biofeedback (emotioneering), sound semantics, and multi-modality.

Successful postdoctoral applicants will be expected to pursue a course of
study within the broad field of music/sound that is related to, but not
limited to, the areas listed above.  Applicants should have obtained their
PhD no earlier than 1st August 2007 and must demonstrate in their
application their willingness and ability to work within Aalborg
University's interdisciplinary environment.

PhD applicants will be expected to propose a thesis topic within the field
of music and sound production particularly as it relates to emotion,
biofeedback, or computer games and should be able to demonstrate, through
qualifications and/or publications, competency in the following:
music/sound design and production and at least one of computer
programming, psychology, or cognitive science.  The number of PhD
positions appointed depends upon external funding acquired for each
position and applicants are encouraged, but not required, to seek a
portion of funding from other sources such as industry.  Any such
provisional funding offers should be indicated in the application.

All applicants are expected to be at ease in both practical and
theoretical milieu.

PhD:  http://www.vacancies.aau.dk/show-vacancy/?vacancy=414924

PostDoc:  http://www.vacancies.aau.dk/show-vacancy/?vacancy=414154

Mark Grimshaw
Obel Professor of Music
TEL: (+45) 99 40 91 00
FAX: (+45) 98 15 45 94
Aalborg Universitet
Institut for Kommunikation
Kroghstræde 6, Lokale 19
9220 Aalborg Ø

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