[PD] [tabread4~] bug???

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 03:55:22 CEST 2012

Ok, as long as we're on it, here's another thing I found while patching
around. Probably related to the last crazy behaviour I just described, but
something on its own.

It is simpler than phase vocoding, it's just something weird about sampling
into arrays and playing with [tabread4~]. Well, maybe there's a relation to
the bug I just reported (check my last email sent to the list please),
because that uses [tabread4~] as well.

So, if I record onto a a somewhat big array, there comes a time where it
just fails completely when playing it through [tabread4~], but not with
[tabplay~]. It also does not show it anymore after that particular point in
the array itself. The point is around 380 seconds (6 minutes and 20

So in this example I have a table that resizes to 400 seconds. You can open
the table object and see that the last bit of it is not being displayed

Well, I as first going to report this as "I can't hear it all all after
that 380 seconds point". But somehow, the way I'm patching it now in this
example still plays it, but completely ruined...

By the way, when I can't hear it at all is when I'm using my big phase
vocoder based patch... which also uses [tabread4~]. So, not sure why or if
it actually stops playing there or not, but the important thing is that
something quite fishy happens at the same time, around 380 seconds, the
point in which the array does not display anymore.

So, in this example I'm sending, it still plays, but rather ruined.
Although there is a pretty clear relationship on how the array displays
itself, weirdly enough, if I play it through [tabplay~], it is all fine and

Check example at: https://sites.google.com/site/porres/tabread4%7E.bug.pd

So you can check the patch I have, you can load a big file into it (6
minutes and a half at least), or if you have nothing like that at all you
can just record the oscillator into the table as I have set there. And you
can check yourself that this is happening the way I describe, but the
question is:

- What a hell is wrong with [tabread4~]??? Does it have something to do
with that other bug I pointed regarding the phase vocoder? Anyway, in the
Phase Vocoder, the problem happens way before 6:20, at around 47 seconds
only, but the way it ruins the sound seems related...

Question number 2... why doen't the array display itself for more than 380
seconds? how is this related to the way [tabread4~] fails?

Thanks for the attention.

Cheers from Brasil

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