[PD] loading wave file and playing based on samples in wav file

Björn Eriksson miulew at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 13:58:40 CEST 2012

Den 24 jul 2012 13.55, "Björn Eriksson" <miulew at gmail.com> skrev:

Hello, yes is very possible with Pd. Check the built-in help patches on the
subject of tables and sound files. On midi control it should not be too
complicated either... Maybe you want a step by step incrementation with a
button preferred over a fader (128 steps 'only'), to get the sample
accuracy - or maybe a combination of fader and button up/down with an
indication of selected sample start. Just some ideas! /Björn Eriksson

Den 24 jul 2012 13.15, "Rick T" <ratulloch at gmail.com> skrev:

> Greetings All
> I'm trying to load two 1 second mono wave files on a left and a right
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