[PD] ANN: New version of Pd-L2Ork Software Featured in the Inaugural VT ICAT Maker Workshop for Middle-School Kids

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Mon Jul 30 23:50:50 CEST 2012

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> On 07/30/2012 05:29 PM, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
>>  check out what the latest version of pd-l2ork is all about ;-)
> hiho
> this sounds really nice, but let me just add a couple of comments.
> - it took me 5 min to find the tar.bz2 download link on your website (really)
> - unpacking Pd-l2ork-dev-xxx.tar.bz2 via thunar puts everything into a 
> `pure-data' folder, messing up my pure-data git folder (I know I could have 
> used the terminal but I don't think using an archive name different than its 
> main folder name is a good idea really)
> - is there an "unbloated" version of pd-l2ork? like a 
> pd-vanilla-l2ork? (i.e. maybe I don't need 130Mo of libraries that I'll 
> probably never use, but there I might be missing what pd-l2ork is about...)

Look in http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/data/pd/
There are 15 and 27Mb tarballs.

> - why not having the pd-l2ork-dev snapshot on your github? it would make the 
> install *much* simpler... right now I'm not sure what is `pd-l2ork/pd' 
> github repository...
> - about L2Ork Folder Structure: do you really create 2 new user accounts when 
> installing pd-l2ork? if yes, why? do users need to tweak those when using 
> rt-kernel (like adding the users to audio group, or any other fancy things)? why 
> not keeping it simple and use pd-l2ork with the current building user (like I 
> would expect with any other application)?
> sorry if this sounds picky, no offense intended (and I probably missed the 
> obvious)..
> once again, this project looks very nice but frankly, it's the 2nd time this 
> year I wanna give pd-l2ork a shot and just gave up because all these points make 
> it very hard to understand what/how to build/install... I wish there was just a 
> git repo with one README.
> 3 lines in my terminal et voilà ;)
> thanks for the enlightments =)
> best,
> y
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