[PD] Flext compiled objects in Pd 0.43.1 (fluid~ && py/pyext)

glerm soares organismo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 22:40:06 CEST 2012


I just compiled and tested Pd 0.43.1 since a long time using 0.42.5 and
missed some objects I always used.

I want to know if some people are having the same trouble than me with 2
flext compiled objects mainly - [ fluid~ ] &&[ pyext ]
my system is Ubuntu Oneiric 32bits,kernel 3.0.0-20-generic-pae but I don't
think it's an OS problem.

I could compile the binaries .pd_linux and they are in the correct folders


py/pyext - pyext doesn't load (even when I use -lib py in statup  or
[import py]) - I saw similar issues in list history but my problem is not
about not loading the lib cause py loads (but AFAIK all the examples uses

fluid~ - the object loads but when I load a soundfount pd crashes with a
signal -
watchdog: signaling pd...
watchdog: signaling pd...
watchdog: signaling pd...
(something related to tcl/tk GUI ??)

Some could say I should had separated the 2 objects issues in different
threads for this mailinglist, but since I think most of  pd(extended) users
don't even try to compile flext objects I think this is the best subject
title for now...

so the question is: who already could run some of those 2 objects at Pd
0.43.1 and if maybe it's some with flext compilation problem?

or whatever, some tip about one of those objects?

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