[PD] Open midi files in PD Vanilla?

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 13 20:37:17 CEST 2012

Hi all -

The "seq" object is part of Krzysztof Czaja's "cyclone" library which I
found rather easy to compile last time I tried (on a linux system; not
sure what will happen in IOS).  I don't think there are any third-party
library dependencies but I could easily be wrong about that since linux
provides so much stuff and it's easy to use things without knowing you're
using them.

Another pretty good way would be to use some midi file to text converter
to pre-convert all the MIDI files you want to use; then use "qlist" in
Pd vanilla to sequence them.  Personally I do everything I can to avoid
specialty file formats like "midi" -- I make an exception for soundfiles
for which text is just too inefficient :)


On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 09:05:49AM -0700, Scott R. Looney wrote:
> filippo and list,
> this is probably best answered by Peter Brinkmann, but as i remember the
> issue with not accepting third party libraries in vanilla is specifically
> one of licensing for the iOS App Store, not of compatibility. i don't think
> Android's store should care about such things. to get around the
> restriction you need to have a differently licensed version of the external
> compiled from source, i believe. for example, expr~ (which is in vanilla)
>  is now available and will work with iOS AppStore because somebody created
> a differently licensed version of it. i believe any MIT or BSD licenses are
> acceptable. not sure about the rest.
> i'm not certain the workaround (recompiling/relicensing from source) is
> valid. maybe others can chime in and us all know?
> scott
> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 7:42 AM, Filippo Beck Peccoz <mail at fbpsound.com>wrote:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > copying here a puredata forum post which remained unanswered- hope someone
> > can help :)
> >
> > after searching around the forums and the net I decided to post this
> > question here.. I'm using PD as the audio engine for a mobile game (using
> > libpd, and therefore "only" Vanilla objects).
> >
> > This is very exciting, and I'm exploring all the possibilities for
> > composition and realtime sound generation. One big thing I wanted to
> > include is the possibility of reading midi files inside the patch, and pipe
> > the data to envelopes and oscillators accordingly. Extended apparently has
> > the "seq" object, but how about Vanilla? Is there a way to "import" a .mid
> > file into a patch?
> >
> > Thank you all for helping a greenhorn out :=)
> >
> >
> > Filippo
> >
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