[PD] variable number of outlets/inlets /dynamic patching

Michael Zacherl sdiy-mz01 at blauwurf.info
Tue Aug 14 20:19:03 CEST 2012

On 14.8.2012, at 19:43 , Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

>>> thus: if you want to need [initbang] (which you do if you really need variable in/outlets in abstractions), you need to either compile Pd yourself or use Pd-extended (only the core binary, no need for any externals here)
>> What I tried, and apparently works, is to create a maximum number of inlets/outlets and delete the ones not needed at load-time.
>> ButI consider this one a hack and certainly doesn't improve the reliability of a dymamic patch.
> Even with [initbang] it's still a hack.  When designing and testing the abstraction, the user must remember to always remove the dynamically created inlets/outlets before saving, and there's no way to automate that without using yet another hack (faking mouse/cut messages, for example).
> -Jonathan

admittedly I didn't look at dynamic patching for a long time.
I remember that I searched for infos on best practices etc. but didn't find anything helpful back then.
so curious as I am I still wonder what would be a good way to approach this.
João's [jmmmp/dacm~] is nice but 'harmless' in this respect.


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