[PD] Textual pd primer

Chrissie Caulfield progchick at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 12:02:47 CEST 2012

On 17/08/12 10:03, Duncan Speakman wrote:
> Sam,
> we've been building and developing Pd on the gumstix embedded platform
> recently. I'm also running on a Mac so I can give you some of the
> knowledge I've learnt (it's been an uphill struggle for us too!) which
> may also apply to working on the Pi.
> - As Andy said you can use ssh to run pd remotely. You need to have
> installed Xcode on your mac, then use X11 and then log in as Andy
> describes.  You can then run it just by typing pd, but don't forget
> your flags! we're currently using
> pd -alsa -nomidi -audiobuf 25 -r 22050 -blocksize 128
> Tweaking all these will help!
> - The gui can be pretty slow this way so I generally build the patches
> on my mac locally, then copy them over to see how the processor on the
> Gumstix handles them.
> - couple of bugs we found when trying to run pd with -nogui
> 1. tables and delread objects behave badly unless you delay turning on
> the dsp. So in the patch that opens with no gui put a 1 or sec delay
> after a loadbang to turn on the dsp.

I found the loadbang workaround doesn't always fix the no sound problem 
with -gui. This patch (which I posted to pd-dev in April) does:


> 2. (this is the really weird one) The expr object doesn't work if we
> launch Pd on startup ( init.d ) with nogui, BUT if we run it with
> -nogui in a command line over SSH it does.
> - we're running a custom build of Ubuntu, we had to do this to get the
> built in audio and outputs on the Gumstix to work. not sure how this
> is on the Pi.
> I'll get Tim to publish it soon anyway.


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