[PD] raspberry-pidi (was Re: Textual pd primer)

Michael Zacherl sdiy-mz01 at blauwurf.info
Sun Aug 19 04:46:52 CEST 2012

On 18.8.2012, at 21:00 , IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:

> On 08/17/2012 08:46 AM, Pierre Massat wrote:
>> Just a thought : wouldn't it be useful to create a pd-Raspberrypi at iem.at
>> <mailto:pd-Raspberrypi at iem.at> address ? I get the feeling that there
>> will be more and more messages about this new platform which may not
>> necessarily be interesting to pure Pd users.
> hmm, i don't have a problem with creating another mailing list, but i would like to keep in mind:
> - many questions that arise in the context of the rpi really are not intrinsically related to the rpi. e.g. this thread "textual pd primer", is really about running Pd on a headless machine, which is more universal than an rpi.
> - there are a lot of questions (e.g. how to open midi-files) on topics that are not necessarily interesting for "pure Pd users"...but then, what is this "pure" thing?
> - in retrospect i consider it a mistake to have split the "pd-ot" list from "pd-list": in 2012 we have a total of about 22 mails on that list (so it's virtually unused), whereas there are still "[OT]" mails on Pd-list, and i don't see a real reason why to ban the occassional OT mail from it.
> the rpi is a relatively new thing and people who recently received there copy, start running Pd on it. hence we had a couple of rpi-related mails in the last few weeks. i expect this to go back to "normal" pretty soon.
> but again, if a sufficient number of people demand a mailinglist for RPiD, i will happily create one.

it depends on my current projects how close I am to a particular mailing list like this one. So it keeps changing over time.
What I learned is that quite often the quality of the answer(s) of a seemingly hardware- or OS-specific question benefit(s) from the 
expertise of many, sometimes even more when the inputs are somewhat unrelated to the subject.
I think hardware/OS discussions can take place everywhere and in this case it's the other way round, 
i.e. how to get the maximum out of a minimalistic machine.
Also Miller's interes in some parts of the thread certainly is not just sentient to ancient times, 
it points us to specific problems which don't or just rarely occur within a 'standard' environment 
(i.e. relatively powerful machine with a full blown OS).
In exchange those corrections of problems can help virtually everybody, issues of system optimisation 
and e.g. unattended and/or headless operation are evident everywhere.
Also the input of parties not involved in small system applications can contribute valuable information, 
so a split of the mailing lists potentially may cut off  some valuable stream of knowledge and experience.
just my 2c - Michael.

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