[PD] [PD-dev] Cross Compiling External for Windows - Problem

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Wed Aug 22 23:26:36 CEST 2012

Hello Patrice,

On 14.08.2012 11:52, Patrice Colet wrote:
>> Output: i686-pc-mingw32-gcc
>> -I"/home/thomas/src/Pd-0.42.5-extended/pd-win/include/pd" -std=c99
> re, how to get information about the linker used, and how
>> to
>> set it in the Makefile. That was part of the original question,
> try to put this in LDFLAGS or LIBS  -Wl,--verbose to make linker more talkative...

it seems, that I have problems compiling the external with MinGW on
Windows as well. I will try to make that work first, and then go on with
the compilation with MXE on Linux. Your tips have led to some bugs with
my Makefile already.

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