[PD] pdgst and seek

Olm-e ol at ogeem.be
Thu Aug 23 16:23:06 CEST 2012


when trying to use pdgst to replace pixvideo object for HD videos in a 
project, I could not find how to use the seek function of Gstreamer to 
control the flux of a file being read. (pause play, go to frame x, 
framerate control)
is there any exemple out-there for that function?
I see it's in the source as pdgst_element_seek, but can't find how to 
use it (message? object? arguments? ... I read the pdf paper by Iohannes 
but it didn't help much :/ )

we have a discussion about how to use pdGst on codelab.fr actually, for 
those of you that speak french.

  thanks a lot

Olivier Meunier

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