[PD] finding objects ?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 3 14:53:25 CEST 2012

> Thankyou for your list !
> \\ I know, although it's never actual.
> - Why ? I mean that if I don't know all the objects by memory, and I  
> need some function to be done - I need easy search by categorys and so  
> on - with descriptions...  it is much easear, than asking List every  
> time... and also helps to learn other objects faster.

this list (or method) is never actual or effective, because I did with  
copy-paste, object per object. besides it doesn't have all the objects (I  
don't have the time for it), with each build of Pd-ext new objects come  
in, others go out, or objects get changed. Since there is no batch process  
involved, to make the list actual, I would have to go through all objects  
each time (already a couple thousands) and check if they're there, if  
there are new ones, if the ones around have new features ...
Until an automatised process is around - like a batch file compiling the  
fields of the pddp help files - and the developers follow the same  
principles for documentation, there won't be an actual, automatic list of  

> \\Also the object completion plugin helps to findobjects (pd-ext 0.43).
> - what is it ? is it complemented with Extended 0.43 ? or should it be  
> loaded apart ? and does it work for Windows ?

IOhannes already gave the link, I think. it works with windows as well.  
But, the list of objects inside it is also fixed, not dynamic, so it might  
not correspond to your current Pd distribution. For more details on how to  
improve the list inside this plugin, better ask the plugin creator. (I  
already did, but I can't find the correspondence now)

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