[PD] GEM question: reading from big videos

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 6 10:15:46 CEST 2012

Hi list,

I have almost no experience with GEM, so I wanted to ask around about  
this. I have a patch that should play 3 HD films, in the following way:

- the main patch plays the sound, and sends the frame-infos around through  
- the frame-infos are received by 3 video player patches (each in one  
separate Pd instance), each one playing one film
- the films are a bit heavy: 1/3 full HD = 640x1080pix each, around 6m  
long (maybe more). The playing speed is around 25fps, sometimes less,  
sometimes more
- the hardware has a SSD disk, and i5 quad processor > 2,7Ghz (I can't say  
yet much about the graphic card)

Which object is more adequate to play these videos in GEM?
Probably isn't a good idea to load the videos into RAM. The playback is  
also very variable: forward, backward, something else... That means, is  
there a buffer-setting that would help in this case?
And, under this context, how fast could the video be played?



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