[PD] waveguide modeling

Aaron Thompson aaron.thompson at live.co.uk
Sat Sep 8 18:25:50 CEST 2012

Hello community!

I'm developing a waveguide model for a natural trumpet within puredata. Was wondering if any of you guys have come across any good ones be it instrument or acoustical pipes? I've found perry cooks stk toolkit but my c++ isn't up to scratch so it isn't much use. I'm pretty familiar with most of the text journals and contributors out there with regards to waveguide modeling as a discrete subject but with regards to design within the constraints of pd i haven't struck much gold. Certain aspect of waveguide design like fractional delays, IIRs/FIRs, lagrange interpolation, thiran allpass and scatter junctions I can't seem to find successful pd implementation let alone piece together myself within pd context.  Any thoughts?
Also wanted to share this.


Has anyone managed, or recon they can get this TIIR design to work within pd?

Any thoughts or contributions are much appreciated.
Cheers chapsAaron 		 	   		  
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