[PD] Running the phase vocoder example on the Raspberry Pi

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Tue Sep 11 20:36:48 CEST 2012


It means "setuid". That is, the program is run with the privileges of
the owner of the program. In our case, that means "run pd as root". And
so it can do anything it wants to your system.

Generally, root has no limits on ressources (cpu, memory, priority)
compared to other users.

The setuid bit is more often used for programs like su or sudo for
privilege escalation, or X (the display server) to be able to access the
video card. But you can also use it as a quick hack to get unlimited
credits :).

Pierre Massat wrote:
> I'm not very familiat with chmod codes. What does 4755 mean ?
> > One slight tweak: if you type "sudo chmod 4755 /usr/bin/pd" you will
> > probably be able to use the mouse clicklessly (at some expense to
> > security!)

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