[PD] Two Pd instances with different startup options

Nicolas Montgermont nicolas_montgermont at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 12 12:07:09 CEST 2012


There is some other possibilities on osx,
To use two different preferences files, make sure you have no preference 
file saved locally (in ~/Library/Preferences/org.puredata.pdextended.plist)
In this case Pd-extended search for its default preference file inside 
itself in:
So if you duplicate the application Pd-extended.app for example in 
Pd-extended-audio.app, you'll have two different preference files.

Otherwise, you can save in a patch informations regarding the audio/midi 
configuration, see for example
from pdx, then you can launch two instance of pd (with command line) 
with two different patches and settings.

Le 12/09/12 10:39, Olivier Heinry a écrit :
> Le 12/09/2012 10:25, Charles Goyard a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Miller Puckette wrote:
>>> Now here's a question - wouldn't it be nice to be able to have Pd automatically
>>> do this by (for instance) looking at the app's name and using that to figure
>>> out what preferences to load?  On the other hand, maybe in other circumstances
>>> you woudn't want that behavior... hmm.
>> What about a -preffile command-line option ?
> There are already many possibilities with some shell scripting (even on
> a Mac) :
> echo "Starting the right Pd v-model"
> /Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -nomidi -noaudio -open v-right-model.pd -send "preset-file ../video-presets/right.coll;" &
> echo "Starting the left Pd v-model";
> /Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -stderr -nomidi -noaudio -open v-left-model.pd -send "preset-file ../video-presets/left.coll;" &
> But i agree a specific -preffile option would be great.
> OH
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