[PD] [OT] Portable webserver with static IP

Olivier Heinry olivier.heinry at free.fr
Wed Sep 12 12:30:44 CEST 2012

Le 12/09/2012 12:01, Charles Goyard a écrit :
> Hi,
> Olivier Heinry wrote:
>> On the other end, if you already run a webserver, you coudl add a bind9
>> server as a secondary domain name server. It runs fine with Apache or
>> nginx running a web interface : http://www.afn.org/~afn23397/
>> or Webmin (in the Debian rep but fat) See
>> http://www.debianadmin.com/bind-dns-server-web-interfacefrontend-or-gui-tools.html
>> In that case, you wouldn't need anything else than DHCP clients.
> No, because at your option:
> - you require people to manually change the resolver setting to know
>   about the DNS server (/etc/resolv.conf on linux, network preferences
>   on mac & windows), so we're back to manual stuff, and in that case a
>   single static IP on the web server is less work,
> - or you have to setup a DHCP server on your mobile web server. *Big
>   mess* if there's already a DHCP server on the network (likely).

Well, as a secondary server, *should* work fine

> - you have to setup the existing DHCP server to announce your DNS server
>   (complicated, not always possible), and setup your DNS server as
>   recursive to get the pre-existing DNS records. Overcomplicated for the
>   purpose.
Overall you're right!

> And Pierre mentionned he knows only a little about networks. Would you
> recommand bind to a beginner, you BOFH :) ?

Quoi je suis un beauf?

> If I understand well what Pierre wanted in the first place, the idea is
> to come anywhere, plug the web server, and shout "go to
>" (or http://mymobilewebserver.local/ if using zeroconf).
> Cheers,


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