[PD] another user experience with raspberry pi

Cyrille Henry ch at chnry.net
Fri Sep 14 00:08:25 CEST 2012


Antoine and I did few test on a raspberry pi.

to summarise, we did :
- use standard  raspbian installation
- modify /etc/security/limits.conf as sugested by miller (adding : "* - rtprio 99" and "* - memlock 1000000000")
- sudo apt-get update, upgrade and install git tk8.5-dev libasound2-dev

git clone git://pure-data.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pure-data/pure-data
copy the configure file from pd 0.43
cd src , ./configure, make and sudo make install

adding -rt in pd startup flag

using the integrated HDMI audio out gives 20ms audio buffer minimum to avoid click, when cpu is unused.
with nusmuk-audio analog synth emulation (that use 35% cpu when the oscilloscope is removed), 25 ms buffer give no click, few can appear when moving windows.

with an old usb soundcard (edirol ua-1A), 10ms audio buffer is enough to avoid click even when moving windows. (still using the same example patch)
(44100 or 48000KHz, block size of 64)

in both case, audio input must be disable, we did not manage to use it properly.

details instruction (in french) can be seen on Antoine blog :




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