[PD] ... and the battle with IT begins

Ed Kelly morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk
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Same shit here I'm afraid. I have one admin machine that we bought with the course budget - when we found out we had one (it had been used to plug funding gaps in other courses for years apparently). I don't tell IT about that machine, and they do not know!

Luckily I removed it and the MOTU Ultralite audio interface from the college over the summer, so when all our equipment was burgled last weekend we held onto it. South London - dodgy place! Security isn't so hot where I work either, and nothing, it turns outm was insured!

Best of luck,

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On 13/09/12 19:14, m.e.grimm wrote:
> my rant is as follows
> when making a request to have pd-extended 0.43.1 installed on the
> teaching station i get:
> "Mark:
> For obvious reasons, we won't install a beta release of software in a
> production environment.
> The current latest production release will be installed."
> which im fine with 042.5 but this is just more annoying than anything else.
> am I alone or do others on this list in Universities battle with IT on
> a daily basis? i am suspecting im not alone.....
> is it the word "BETA" that is so bothersome? what is a "production
> environment"? am i not producing something?
After quite a while and after gaining a certain amount of trust and 
respect by the IT people (but also with some backing by my boss, and I 
must say they are clever guys, not as stubborn as what you write) I got 
an 'experimental' machine where I'm admin: but that's because my job may 
include installing and testing alpha-alpha software and report back to 
But I'd assume 'audio' and 'video' machines are always less restricted 
(the people working with MACs have full admin on those as well).

Good luck

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