[PD] another day's raspberry pi experiences

geoffroy gef at ponnuki.net
Sun Sep 16 01:38:23 CEST 2012

HI there,

I am trying to follow how to compile pd on the raspberry pi and I am 
stuck at the ./configure in the src folder.

The git downloaded all the files and everything seems fine up to that 
point but there is no configure file in the src folder, so I get a no 
such file or folder when I do the ./configure.

I try the ./autogen.sh but that also failed.

Any pointers would be appreciated!!


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> Hi again-
> Having fooled with the Pi a few more hours I think I now have a better idea
> how the thing behaves.
> The main difficulty I've had is that having a USB keyboard and/or mouse
> connected to the Pi seems to conflict with USB audio devices.  The main
> symptom is that Pd's GUI freezes.  This seems to happen whether the GUI is
> running on the Pi's own X server or over an ssh connection.
> The best mileage I can get is to ssh over from another machine, so that the
> only USB devices on the pi itself are the audio device and the network adapter
> (which is implemented as a USB 2.0 device.)  I'm suspicious that the addition
> of a keyboard forces USB down to 1.1, but things break even if I plug in a
> keyboard via a USB 2.0 hub.  (It's an old hub though, maybe a newer one
> would work better?)
> I was then able to get audio output going with only occasional glitches (3
> or 4 per minute I think.)  I was never able to get input and output both
> working at once without manifold glitches.
> I'm using Pd 0.44 (test version) for this, which I've just fixed up to not
> require the tcl and tk h files to compile Pd (why I didn't clean that out
> earlier I have no idea:)   It's still necessary to run:
> apt-get install libasound2-dev
> before Pd wil be able to use the ALSA audio.  Then grab Pd from git:
> git clone git://pure-data.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pure-data/pure-data
> (Maybe you'll have to apt-get install git first), then cd to pd/src,
> ./configure and make.  Takes about 17 minutes to compile.
> And by the way, don't use OSS audio - it's not running by default but if
> youturn it on and try it out; it instantly crashes the Pi.
> WHAT I DON"T KNOW YET: I don't have an HDMI monitor and so can't test the
> "HDMI audio".  I imagine it might be more robust than using  USB audio device
> (and, by the way, in 0.44 you can sort of get away with using separaate devices
> for input and output, although there's no correction for clock drift).
> cheers
> Miller

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