[PD] Running the phase vocoder example on the Raspberry Pi

geoffroy gef at ponnuki.net
Mon Sep 17 12:36:04 CEST 2012

I bought the beringer  (uca202) sound card while traveling since it was small and with spdif out, but also with head phone monitor and sound control which I really like. Quality is ok and really easy to use. I couldn't use all the port on the sound card for the PI at this point, but I think it is because pulse is install on my machine as well, but I am sure it is fully supported there since I use the card on my crunchbang linux (wheezy) laptop with no problem.

At home I use ESI. I like the quality of the build of the sound card and also they're really small card (well they make every size)


The Dr Dac seems to be the smallest :


But I personally use the u24xl


Which is quite a powerful usb sound card. That one I tried it with the Raspberry and it worked like a charm.

>Does anyone have a good experience with one of these on a Pi or a regular PC machine?
>for performances, i'm using soudcard with spdif out (like ua-1X) or maybe this behringer>(that i did not try) ,(currently, i'm using the spdif out of my asus laptop):

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