[PD] Pd Raspberry Pi Class At CRASH Space Los Angeles Sunday 10/7 3 PM

Theron Trowbridge theron.trowbridge at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 20:25:02 CEST 2012

There has been much discussion bout running Pd on the Raspberry Pi on the
list lately, so folks might be interested in a class that we will be
hosting at CRASH Space in Los Angeles.

Sunday, October 7th from 3-7 PM

The class will be taught by Miller Puckette and will be hands-on workshop
on how to install and use Pure Data on the Raspberry Pi.  Every participant
will receive a SD card with the Raspberian wheezy OS with Pd already
installed.  You can stick it in your Raspberry Pi and start patching.

*This event will be held at the **Culver City Veterans Memorial Building,
located at 4117 Overland
Culver City, CA**, in the Uruapan Room.  The location is just a few blocks
away from CRASH Space.  There will be a reception with snacks at CRASH
Space following the event.*
There are 30 seats available, cost is $80.  You can sign up here:

For attendees who do not yet have a Raspberry Pi, we will have kits
available including a Pi, power supply, and an ethernet crossover cable.

There are a limited number of scholarships available for students and
teachers.  Contact theron.trowbridge at gmail.com for more information.

More information on the CRASH Space blog:

We will try to UStream the event for those who are out there in Internet
land (though internet access is apparently limited in the venue).  We will
be streaming though the CRASH Space Ustream channel:

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