[PD] strange GEM behaviour

Cyrille Henry ch at chnry.net
Thu Sep 20 21:35:19 CEST 2012


the right pix_image reset the "new image" flag that is set by the left pix_invert.
(you can see that thanks to a pix_info)

i thinks it's a bug that should be corrected :
the left pix_image should not be affected by the right one, at least, a pix_separator should prevent that.
currently, toggling only the left pix_invert does not only have no visual effect, but it do also trigger computation of the one on the right.

here is a workaround this problem : setting the "new image" flag only after the right part of the chain is rendered.


Le 20/09/2012 17:19, Marian Weger a écrit :
> Hello list,
> I just stumbled across some strange behavior of Gem.
> I attached a small patch to demonstrate this problem.
> If multiple [pix_image] connect to the same gemhead (with separator), changes in "pix_..."-effects that are connected below get only effective for the first one.
> The resulting texture of the other branches gets only updated if the image is reloaded.
> Of course, everything works fine, if i use individual gemheads for each branch.
> Is it a bug or a feature? How can I solve it?
> Tried it in Pd-0.43-2 with Gem 0.93.3 on OSX and Pd-0.42.5-extended on Windows.
> thanks!
> marian
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