[PD] it's a mess but it's gettin close to bein a masterpiece

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 02:48:22 CEST 2012

hey  pd cable connector clickers.
I'm sharing my xenharmonic synthesizer patch in it's current state
because I really like the way it sounds.
can work with vanilla if you put some sort of knob in where it's
supposed to go, uses the iem filters as well as moog from ggee.
there might be a thing or 2 other I was playing with that wasn't
vanilla but hey this is the pd list after all youz guyz know how to
compile an external in u aint allready got it done compiled.

link to zip file with synth, fractal sequencer, and sample looper, and
just started on 2 years ago drummachine.
thanks for all ye patches n bytes n bits. The only patch I don't
remember where I got it from is the drum loop glitchens.
I looked at Tim Vet's when I done the original variable speed sample
player but didn't use the glitch.
I reckon I might have changed the glitcher a little bit and connected
it up in freaky ways.

That Miller Puckette is somethin else. I was just playing with the
vcf~ today and it freakin rocks, been hooked up in my filter bank
the filter bank was placed in the voice.

happy patchin


haha just kiddin, I'm writing up a multipage report on how to turn the
thing on so you can get to jammin

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